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BRUNS AllergyCertified Series:
Same products – but unscented!

Ever since BRUNS made their first shampoo nr 01 Harmonious Coconut, they also created an ”unscented sister version” nr03 Unscented. Same hydrating properties, same gentle cleansing but without essential oils or any added scents. This was a natural and necessary choice from the beginning. Since then, almost all BRUNS products have come with an unscented and AllergyCertified version. The products are specially developed for those with skin or fragrance sensitiveness – and those who actually prefer fragrancy products.

Over the years, people have been using fragrances for different purposes, and wearing perfume has become a norm. Fragrances at the workplace are a huge concern for many people as they can cause health problems to some people. Some of these include headaches, migraines, shortness of breath, muscle pain, asthma, and allergies. As a result, many workplaces and institutions find the need to set a scent-free or scent-reduction policy requesting anyone entering the building to avoid wearing perfumed products.

Natural-origin beauty and AllergyCertified.

Being a hairdresser can be risky business for your health because of work-related issues such as skin allergy (and endocrine-disrupting chemicals, carcinogens) from hair products and hair dyes.

SWEDISH BRUNS created their first shampoo nr 01, scented with ecologically certified cold pressed – but still essential oils, they also made one unscented version – Shampoo nr 03 – Unscented and AllergyCertified.

Just because a product is natural, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be allergenic. Actually, some of the most allergenic perfumes come from nature, so while ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are often matched with healthy, clean, and sound – that is not always the case.

Skin allergy is one of the most common chronic diseases. This is kind of stupid because it could be prevented by offering unscented and allergy-certified products suitable for all ages, gender, and sensitive skin. Choosing a product for you or your whole family with an allergy certification guarantees that all ingredients and their concentrations have been analyzed and approved by a toxicologist.

The founders of BRUNS and AllergyCertified in Malmö / Eco- Fair 2021.


AllergyCertified has certified 2.000 products worldwide and works with seven Dutch brands for the time being. One of these brands is SARA ROSALIE – a skincare brand locally made in the Netherlands.

Sara Rosalie focuses on creating modern beauty classics, safe for even the most sensitive skin, pregnant women, and babies. These intensely nourishing products meet high standards: 100% ingredients of natural origin, ECO-CERT, and AllergyCertified.

Behind this Dutch brand is Sara, who needed to switch to more natural and skin-friendly products during her pregnancy.

In her bio, Sara says:

”During my son’s pregnancy, I noticed the effect of hormones (and time) on your skin. I needed even more completely natural but also safe skincare that works (wrinkles check, dry skin check).

That’s why, since 2019, we have worked together with the Scandinavian quality mark AllergyCertified.”

”What growing up on and motherhood has also given me: the sense of responsibility for the environment and the earth.

At Sara Rosalie, we don’t do anything without thinking about the impact it has on people, animals, and the environment. It’s one of the main reasons we don’t continuously launch new products like other brands do. I first want to make sure that there isn’t already a good alternative from another brand. That is why we also like to work with brands (such as BRUNS) before we create anything ourselves.”

Skin balms by Sara Rosalie

Gift kit by Sara Rosalie with BRUNS Hair mask

Unscented beauty products

This is how Sara Rosalie started, and thanks to AllergyCertified, the two brands met. When Sara proposed her idea of presenting BRUNS on her website, we were delighted.

Not only that we both work with AllergyCertified, but we also both produce locally, are sustainable, and have deep knowledge about natural ingredients -and their benefits.

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While Sara focuses on creating skin balms (including cosmetic balsm), BRUNS unscented hair care series is a perfect complement of products at SARA ROSALIES webstore based in the Netherlands.

BRUNS Products & Hair Salons are located in the south of Sweden. Behind the brand lies Johanna & Cecilia, as 100% developers, owners and creators (& hairdressers). All products are made in their own factory, with own formulas and a sustainable mindset.

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