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”From a young age, I was involved in the world of wellbeing.
My parents owned a gym where my father aided the recovery of people affected by vascular and motor disorders. Due to my curiosity for the Japanese culture, I began my Shiatsu training at the Japanese School of Shiatsu, where I studied for three years. (It is currently the only Spanish school recognized in Japan).

I completed a master’s in Shiatsu with Dr.Fulvio Palombino (teacher authorized by Matsuko Naikoshi). I have been trained in Kobodo I, II, and III with Dr. Shogo Mochizuki (the Master of the 26thgeneration of the house and lineage of Kobido). Also, study with Yakov Gershkovich, Author, Creator, and Master Trainer of the Sculptural Face Lifting Method.

In parallel, I studied for a year in the process of lymphatic drainage. Following my interest in inside and outside beauty, I learned to be a Facial Yoga Teacher with Danielle Collins, the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, and I am studying with Fumiko Takatsu, Face Yoga Method.”

Carolina Mazzoni picture by @Pep Daudé




”For me, it’s crucial to find products of high quality that work with my treatments. I need the products to be 100% natural since they are used together with massages where the blood circulation increases and makes the ingredients more active.

BRUNS fulfills so many purposes I require for cleansing and boosting the skin. With just three products, I can use them for toxic drains, rebalance the PH level, and skin elasticity. The oils are no greasy and minimize the pore size, giving you a younger, fresher skin texture.”

Kobido session with @The Box by Carolina

”The two different series are also fantastic to mix. During the hot summertime here in Spain, I love using the BLUE series, especially the Elixir nr102.

It has a refreshing citric scent that includes cold-pressed essential oil of Bergamot and also a touch of lavender. Bergamot oil has a great capability to relax the mind!

BRUNS BLUE SERIES @brunsproducts

Before applying the oil, I take 3-4 drops and rub the oil into my hands. Then I slowly move my palms towards the face and breath in the scent.
The green series is spectacular and works so well on greasy and unbalanced skins. I often use the two clays at the same time but on different face zones.

At home, I have made my own ”fresh” face wash instead of making a new clay mix every day. I only use a small amount of water and add a few drops of oil to keep the paste creamy. It can be in the fridge for about one week, and the cold feeling makes magic on tired puffy morning faces.”

”I have got completely addicted to the mist. It’s a real skin saver. I have several mists placed out at my home and always carry one with me. I love it, and the pump is perfect and spreads the mist soft and evenly over the face. Whenever the skin feels tired and dry, it’s just to spray, and the skin will quickly recover the moisture and give an instant cooling sensation.”

QUICK TIPS from Carolina

Premix the clay and keep cold!

The clay can be used as a mask but I also use it for daily face cleansing.

Wherever you Go – Bring your mist!

Learn how to use BRUNS skin treatment and beauty routines for facial exercises that improve facial expression, give firmer skin and a well-balanced skin tone.



Carolina Mazzoni´s treatment center is located in the lovely area of Sarria in Barcelona city.

In English, ”box” means box, drawer, case, but it also means a theater box, the series of small balconied compartments surrounding the stalls of classical theaters. The box was the most intimate and most pleasant place in the theater, the warmest, the most comfortable.

THE BOX by Carolina in Barcelona is a small and pleasant space in which to relax and take care of yourself.
A lair. A boudoir. A refuge.
Text quote by @Milena Busquets for Carolina
Carolina explains:
My passion is working with my hands and communicates with them. The new ”BOX” in Barcelona represents my work. During the Covid pandemia, I needed to rebuild the BOX space so clients wouldn’t meet each other and secure safety protocols. The interiors are well balanced with space, light, and with natural textiles. I even designed cotton bags for the clients to put on the feet before a session.”

All products used in treatments are of natural and organic origin, and the esthetic profile of BRUNS products even fits into the interior design.

”Swedish standard of design and quality is very similar to the Japanese. Maybe that’s also a reason why I fell in love with BRUNS,” Carolina finishes.

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