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BRUNS Products is a solid growing brand in green hair care and natural beauty products.

In addition to a self-produced product series -BRUNS Products, the founders also run ”BRUNS Frisörer” with two hair salons in Sweden, which are Certified Green Salons. All BRUNS products are made by hand, with their own formula, made from carefully selected ingredients from suppliers with eco-labeled / certified raw materials. The ingredients are of natural origin and as far as possible organic – and must not impact humans or nature.

The quality of our raw materials is our strength

BRUNS’s raw material supplier uses EcoControl, an independent control body that reviews all their suppliers’ certificates, including their routines. This is a way to control that their purchases are in line with what they sell, and a guarantee of the product manufacture and, in the long run, a warrant for the customers.

BRUNS chooses a supplier primarily based on its suppliers’ quality, which often means that they buy from different local producers in the world. Often these smaller local producers have a unique quality of their raw material, and the production is small-scale and usually organic. From countries outside the EU, the raw materials are shipped by boat, and we always avoid flights.

All production of BRUNS Products takes place at its own factory in Lund, Sweden. The hair care series’s goal was to be as effective and aesthetically pleasing as existing products on the market but made from natural and organic ingredients.

BRUNS environmental philosophy is to have as clean products as possible throughout the entire process from raw material production to bottle recycling. In September 2018, the previous pumps disappeared from the shampoo and conditioner bottles. This decision was made due to the difficulty of recycling the pump because of the pumps’ metal spring. Also, the packaging would require less material during production, less packaging, and less space during transport, leading to better durability and a more environmentally friendly alternative. In connection with this, BRUNS also changed the labels to bioplastic labels with significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional plastics over their lifetime.

Transform & Reduce

Today’s regular packaging consists of 100% PCR with thin walls in the bottle as you can have to reduce weight and material. The bottles also have generous sizes so that the product lasts a long time.

During the autumn of 2020, BRUNS Products gradually replaced all PET packaging with 100% PCR ( post-consumer resin) packaging.
PCR comes from plastics that have already been used for packaging, such as PET bottles. The plastic is sorted, cleaned, and ground into flakes and then transformed to be reused as a new product. In this way, continued durability can be ensured. Using recycled materials can always lead to color variations from batch to batch.

History – Present -Future

BRUNS’s vision is to continue to create aesthetically pleasing products that make a difference to the customer, the environment, and above all – your hair.

In 2014, BRUNS won Lund Municipality’s environmental award and in 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year in Lund. Today, most BRUNS Products’ hair care series have won several awards. They stand for high quality with environmentally friendly ingredients, functionality, and aesthetically-pleasing products.

BRUNS Products is also one of the companies that have undergone a pilot project and training to achieve the GLOBAL GOALS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 2030.

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