The aim of Green Salon


Green Salon Scandinavia is an NGO* for hairdressing salons and beauticians, who want to become more environmentally friendly.

In 2006 Green Salon Scandinavia was founded on request by Danish hairdressers, who were on the brink of leaving the hairdressing trade due to health issues caused by the use of harsh chemicals. Scientific studies show that half or more of all hairdressers suffer from diseases directly related to the use of chemicals.
From the very start Green Salon Scandinavia aimed at reducing the chemical load in professional salons for the benefit of customers as well as hairdressers. This is not done just by reducing the use of harsh chemicals, but simply by totally eliminating all products containing certain chemicals.
Approximately 100 specific chemicals are banned in Green Salon Scandinavia because they are considered to have a strong, negative and documented impact on the users, the hairdresser or the environment. These chemicals are banned in the Green Salons in all uses and concentrations, so customers and hairdressers are certain they are not exposed to these chemicals when visiting a Green Salon.

Green Salon is an NGO for hairdressing salons and beauticians

Two surveys have documented the effect of this voluntary ban of chemicals on hairdressers’ health: 80 % of all hairdressers, who suffer from some job-related chemical disease, claim to be relieved or entirely rid of their symptoms by changing to the Green Salon criteria on chemicals and products.

The beneficial health effects on customers of the Green Salon are not documented yet, but a large number of the customers in the Green Salons choose these salons due to allergies or respiratory diseases.

The chemicals banned in Green salon are:

Harmful and widely used in cosmetics

extremely harmful (endocrine disruptors, carcinogenic and extremely allergenic chemicals)

chemicals under suspicion of these effects

Mission & Approach

Unfortunately, these chemicals are allowed in the EU, but in Green Salon, we have agreed on banning them, and that is why you can trust a Green Salon to perform the safest kind of hairdressing.
Apart from the ban on certain chemicals, the individual salons have to follow ten basic criteria focusing on:

  • Professional education
  • Energy consumption
  • Waste reduction
  • Water and material savings
  • Use of organic and environmentally labeled products